Top Tech Batman Toys

Bat Man has been extremely popular recently, with the launch of Bat Man v Superman: Dawn of Justice along with The Lego Batman Picture. With that being said, Batman toys have been flying from their shelves! Have a look at these top must have bat-man tech toys.

Lego Batman Alarm Clock

Bring a piece of the Lego Batman Movie house.

This is actually a small and affordable home-decoration for any Batman fan. This alarm clock includes Lego Batman from the latest movie. Like most clocks, it has a yellowish back light and snooze button. It's available on many internet sites for internet buy, along side a great many other Batman toys, also costs about $25.00. Do not allow Batman be lonely either -- obtain the superman and Robin alarm clocks too!

Remote control Batman Helicopter

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... bat man! World Tech generated a bat man handy remote control helicopter! Now you can place Batman soaring throughout your house! This may be the perfect toy to induce any parent nuts, and just runs for about $30.00 on Amazon. World Tech also created other personality aquariums for Superman, Joker, and Spiderman.

Bat Man Kid-Friendly Head Phones

Walmart has some excellent kid-friendly Batman headphones to select from. One set has an image of this cartoon Batman, skyline, plus logo. On the top of these headphones are lots of yellow and black Batman logos. The following pair has a graphic of comic book Batman and"SMASH." Both of these head phones have volume limiting capabilities for small kids.

Moreover, they provide clear sound and they are compatible with devices with a 3.5mm jack. These headphones run for roughly $15-$20.

DC Comics Batman Versus Superman Voice-Changer Helmet

Honestly, who doesn't wish to sound like Batman? We've all tried to accomplish his voice sooner or later. This is among the better Batman toys for both young kids and grown ups who like costumes. This helmet has illuminate eyes along with an easy button for voice-changing and noise results. It has 15 programmed sounds and phrases. The size is flexible for children 3+ and adults, and it looks just like batman's helmet by the movie! This toy costs $30.00 in Toys R Us. With this particular helmet, you will be all set for battle and also to see Batman in Justice League.

Bat Man v Super Man Hand-held Remote Control Bat mobile Official Movie Replica

All Batman fans need their very own bat mobile! Air Hogs has created a replica of the Batmobile from Batman v Super Man: Length of Justice. Its LED lights at the back light up red when users hit the throttle. Moreover, it's front-mounted light emitting diode lights to clear the path through Gotham City. With the handy remote controller, you can imagine that you're forcing the Batmobile yourself! You may control the technology toy via USB cable, and have 20 minutes of driving time fully charged. It's suggested for ages 8 and up and costs $60.00.

Batman: The Video Game

No supreme Batman fan set is complete minus Batman video gaming! Lego Batman: The Video Game, Lego Bat Man 2: DC Super Heroes, and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are amazing video games! They're accessible for your own Wii, Play Station, and X Box. Each game costs around $15.00 -- $20.00. At the initial Lego Batman match, you are able to play as Batman, Robin, Joker, Catwoman and different villains in Gotham City. It is possible to choose whether you wish to play in Story or free play Mode. The match also has the musical score out of the 1989 Batman movie. These matches are exceptionally entertaining for all ages!

All these are just a few of the numerous bat man technology toys you will purchase. They all make great presents, whether on your own or a companion. Which one is your favorite?

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